Bird Control in Melbourne

With over 30 years experience in hard surface & high pressure cleaning across Melbourne and regional Victoria, we can remove removed bird dropping and also install bird prevention spikes preventing them in the future.

Expert Bird Proofing Installer Melbourne

Prevent Bird Droppings from building up with our expertly in stalled bird spikes and bird netting. By preventing the source you can greatly decrease the amount of bird droppings on your property. Aatach are here to help.

Protect your property with our comprehensive Bird Proofing solutions!

One of the best ways to prevent bird poop from needing to be cleaned is to stop it at the source. Preventative measures setup after cleaning can help keep your property clean for longer. Our team at Aatach are experts in installing bird control spikes and bird control netting that will make your space unattractive to birds.

Why choose us for your professional bird control?

When you’re getting bird droppings removed it’s a good idea to also implement some measures to stop the birds from hanging out in the same spots they pooped at. Bird droppings can carry pathogens and lead to severe respiratory problems in people with high exposure. If the bird (poop/dropping) is not cleaned, it can build up and pose a serious health risk it can be considered a health risk if not cleaned. By setting up a prevention method you can save yourself some time by not allowing the birds to leave droppings in that area to begin with. A building, free of bird droppings looks much better than one covered in it.

What Our Clients Are Saying

As a Body Corporate we chose Aatach to clean the rendering of 5 double storey townhouses in Frankston South. Frank was efficient in quoting and completing the job in a number of days. The units look an absolute treat and it was money well worth spending. Thanks Aatach.

Jenny, Frankston South

Thank you so much for the great job you did, looks great!

Bernadette and Gavin, Skipton

Aatach Services was prompt and professional. They were very attentive to all the details and our Californian Bungalow now looks like it was painted yesterday. Aatach cleared away the cobwebs and grime and left us with sparkling windows and completely clean weatherboards. It was a great result.


You have done an absolutely brilliant job. Thank you so much. I will be recommending your work to as many people as possible.

Kirstie, Ringwood East

Just wanted to pass on how impressed I was with the result of the house wash. Looks great and you did an amazing job on the front porch.

Carmelia, Blackburn

Thank you so much for bringing our sails back to life!  They look gorgeous. Many Thanks.

Jo, Mount Waverley

I thought I would mention that we have had a number of people comment on how the property looks after you finished, as well as what a good job you did. I will be happy to recommend your services should anyone ask for your details.

Matthew, Sanctuary Lakes

Thank you Frank, you and your nephew did a lovely job of washing our house.

Robin, Wonga Park

I just wanted to let u know that i am extremely happy with the job you did and would recommend you highly to anybody looking for a job done.

Lori, Wattle Glen

Thanks for the excellent job you did on my pavers – I appreciate your attention to detail, it all looks great.

Noreen, Ringwood North

What is the best birds control service option?

The Best bird control method for you varies depending on location, types of bird, and environment. Our primary focus for bird deterrents is the use of bird spikes & bird netting. The spikes prevent the birds from roosting in the areas they are placed. These are ideal for areas that could have a lot of foot traffic as it can completely remove birds from being able to leave droppings.

Why should I deter birds?

Having bird droppings around your property has some significant risks to your health & safety, as well as to your property itself. Bird droppings can harbour bacteria, parasites and pathogens that pose risks to human health. Preventing birds from being able to roost or nest around your property can greatly reduce the risk of disease. Bird Droppings are also caustic meaning they can cause damage to the building, vehicles, and landscape with their behaviour. 

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